Trook64 – Those who have heard the pitch confirmed snapchat hikes advertising price to 750,000 dollar

Rumor has it that snapchat is asking the brands for higher rates for advertising their brands.

Some say that it is so expensive to make promotions for the brands on an app like this. It is very

well known to all that this application is an ephemeral photo messaging app. On this app, images

and videos of business organizations get promoted. This app with heavy video focus has done

the promotion for itself to the commercial world as they do on the world of Television. It has

millions of viewers across the world. So the promotion that is done here draws the attention of

lots of people.

The company hikes the advertising price to $750,000 per day:

From the time the app got launched in the market, some top brands were its primary sponsors.

Quick videos and images were the snaps that would often come on the news feed of the users.

This application is very popular among teenagers and young adults. Because of its rapid

popularity, it has increased the rate of its advertising process. It has started the brands for $

750,000 a day. The agency executive of the farm has said that the company for the application

has demanded a fewer amount of money. On asking the heads of the company they only replied

that they usually never comment on their ads and their prices. The team of the app has been

soliciting with the top brands. The stories that the company shows to the world can draw more

than tens of millions viewers each day. As per the advertisers who have heard the pitch said they

have heard the stats as well. The app has topped 100 million by monthly users.

Some claim it has some drawbacks:

Some say that the application has some drawbacks as well. It lacks the matter of sophistication.

Many have claimed that the amount that they are asking for the advertisement is quite huge

because there is a lack of beautification in the whole matter. On the other hand, the application

owners have said that they are right in their demand because they are capable of providing

business pictures images unlike other applications. They promote the brands in a quick manner

and they keep trying to get notice of each and every youngster in order to make the promotion

successful. Business organizers have found it very easy to search free pictures for business. A

universal executive have said in an interview that this application is the best part in the marketing

strategy. The application does the promotion for the movies better than any other products.

To end with:

The team if the application has rightly claimed that they are in a constant effort to reach the

teenagers and young adults to let them know about the coming products of different brands in the

market. Free pictures business are available on the application. The application owners have

said that the price that they are claiming is nothing in comparison with the kind of work they are

capable of delivering each and every day.

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