Snapchat has become a Rival to Facebook

With its increasing popularity Snapchat has defeated almost all of its competitors. This year the

number of total Snapchat users has increased in 27 millions, which was 14 millions in the

previous year. This rate is quite astonishing for a new social networking app like Snapchat. In

fact the main reason behind this popularity is its photo sharing features. The app is mainly a

picture sharing app. The users can share pictures, videos and messages with the Snapchat friends

through this app. There is no age restriction for using this social networking app, anybody can

use this and share any pictures they want. The main feature of this app its disappearing feature.

The sharer needs to select a time for his/ her snap before sharing; the person can select 1 to 10

seconds. The receiver will be allowed to see the snap only for these selected seconds. The users

like this disappearing feature of this social networking app.
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Snapchat refuses $3 billion offer from Facebook

Snapchat has got $3 billion offer from the famous social networking site Facebook. And this is

only for the huge popularity of this app. But they have refused this high amount offer from

Facebook. This proves that the company does not want to sell their app now; they are more

interested in upgrading their app now to make it bigger. This is a firm step from the Snapchat

authority; they have taken a bold step for refusing such a big company like Facebook.

Snapchat’s competition with Facebook

Some critics are saying that after appearing Snapchat the users of Facebook is getting decreased,

it means the Facebook users are now paying their attention more to the Snapchat. And it is for

the usefulness of this app. The users can share any pictures and videos with their friends in

Snapchat. They can share love pictures, intimate photos and also explicit Snapchat videos. And

this is a huge freedom from the users. Beside, the app is engage all the time in upgrading its

services. Now people can do text chat, video call through this app. Snapchat Discover is also a

very effective service of this app. And all those are making the app more useful to the users and

for that the popularity is getting increased day by day.

Popularity of Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps in this planet, and the popularity is getting increased

with days. Millions of people are engage in using this app. The main users of this app are the

teenagers. The United States teenagers, those are between 13 to 17 years, are the half of the total

Snapchat users. More than 500 million snaps get shared in this app every day, by the users.

Those reports are quite astonishing. And those are enough to declare the popularity of this app.

It is a fact that Facebook has loosed numerous users after the appearing of Snapchat app. In fact

this app has defeated many of its competitors within this short period, and it has proved its


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