snapchat god – all snapchat pictures or photos are in the snapchat app-Snapchat Requests Teens to Stop Sexting

Snapchat is a picture sharing app that allows the users to share pictures, videos and messages.

One can share any pictures and videos in this social networking app. The app those get shared in

this app, are called the snaps. For sharing a snap in this app the users need to select time for the existing time of the snap. This time could be from 1 to 10 seconds. The receiver will be allowed to see the snap only for this selected seconds, after that the snap will be disappeared from the automatically. This special feature of the app has made it unique. The users like this disappearing feature of the app. this disappearing feature of the app can be called the most popular feature of the app.

Sexting in Snapchat

It is known that Snapchat is a very good medium for sexting. The app is a picture sharing app.

the users can share pictures and videos with their friends. Any pictures and videos can be shared

in this app; there is no restriction about the subject of the snaps. Millions of Snapchat users take this app as a medium of sexting. The users often share nude pictures of themselves in this social networking app. Many users also share naked selfies, explicit videos, and intimate love pictures etc. with the friends. And thus the app has become a very good medium of sexting. The dirty pictures and videos are very common to this app.

snapchat god - all snapchat pictures or photos are in the snapchat app
snapchat god – all snapchat pictures or photos are in the snapchat app

Snapchat requests teen users for no nudity

The app has become a wide platform for nudity and sexting. But this is a matter of worrying. The

teachers and parents are worried about the future of the children. It is a fact that the future of

those children is getting doomed by this sexting, even in the under age. The nude pictures of the

under 18 boys and girls are taken as the child porn. And the child porn is taken as the illegal

affair. This has a very bad effect on the children and also on the society. And for that the

Snapchat authority has requested to the underage Snapchat users, for stopping sexting in this app.

it proves that the app does not want this nudity from the children. Mainly the teens use this app

as the medium of sexting. In the young age may boys and girls use this app. and they often use

this app for sharing explicit pictures and videos of themselves. And for that the app has done this

request for those teen users.

Most of the Snapchat users are the teenage boys and girls. The young generation is more busy

with this app. a report has said that the half of the total Snapchat users are the teenage boys and

girls, and those teens are from united states, and their ages is between 13 to 17 years. Most of the

explicit object sharers and receivers are those teenagers. In the young age the user5s are busier in

sexting. And this request from Snapchat is very much significant.

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