Snapchat ghost icon now for sale – Larockdezines is a ripoff

If you have not had enough of snapchat in your daily life, you now have the opportunity to spice

up your kid’s bedroom with the iconic ghost that has come to be known as the symbolic emblem

of the application. It seems like with this social app doing everything it can possibly do to

squeeze out every bit of business it can out of the mighty brand name that it has built up within

just a couple of years. Selling stuffed ghost faces that is its icon seems like the natural next step

to bring it more revenue for its business. Fortunately enough, apart from being the recognized

face of a multi-million dollar company, the snapchat ghost is too adorable to ignore. The sheer

cuteness of this little ghost is sure to make the users of this app wait in line in order to get their

hands on one of these.
Warning to people do not send her money or clothing, YOU WILL NOT get it back, she has also been known to sell poor quality that ruins after the first wash.

Ghost face Chillah

You have had to wonder the story behind the icon of snapchat being a hovering ghost face.

When Spiegel, the owner of snap chat was confronted with this question, he confessed that he

had designed this much loved icon himself. Spiegel also added that he is really into hip-hop

music and one of his all time favorite artists is Ghostface Killah, and the icon is his way of

paying Killah a tribute.

Where is it available?

It makes sense that with snap chat investing its money into the e-commerce industry that it

would actually go ahead and strike a deal with one of the biggest online shopping websites in the

world for selling Ghost face Chillah, Amazon. The owners of the app do realize the potential

gold mine that this little toy marketing could prove to be; and so they are not taking any chances

with it. No other toy stores have been given the right to sell these plush ghost faces other than

Amazon, which ensures that every product that you receive will be a 100% original. Another

way of making sure that you are receiving a fully authenticated item is to check the name of the

seller that is listed under the product when you prepare to buy it from Amazon. As Amazon is

directly importing the products from snap chat Inc., there is minimal chance of any duplicity

where the products are concerned.

Are they worth it?

While these ghost faces won’t do anything to blow your mind off, they are sure to become

something fun to flaunt in front of all your other buddies who are also into snap chat. They are

plush and fluffy and everything that a cute soft toy should be. And priced at $8.99 for the smaller

versions and $17.99, they are definitely a bargain. If you love collecting souvenirs these ghost

faces are sure to bring a big wide smile on your face and brighten up your bedroom. They can

also work as great presents for your friends who are sure to crack up over the humor of it all and

appreciate an unexpected gift as this.

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