SnapChat Geofilters

SnapchatGeofilters: A location centric way to unlock artwork in Snaps

Snapchat was buzzing with affirmations like famous sexting app or a horny messenger since its starting days. Profoundly used by teenagers to explore their private lives and sexuality, this app has always been limited to a particular age group and gender. Creators of Snapchat have always

focused on diversifying the usage of this application by reaching to all categories of people in all age groups. If Snapchatgradually succeeds to get vast and diverse user base like its competing counterparts Facebook and Instagram, than it will directly affect the kind of advertisements

contracts they will receive and the revenue that they will make out if it.To achieve this Snapchat innovators are constantly innovating and thinking of new ways to lure more users. Recently to achieve the same, they have introduced a feature known as – Geofilters. Geofilter is location based filter that is introduced by Snapchat to spice-up the user’s experience of snaps. This feature is only launched in New York and Los Angeles. With the help of these geofilters users/subscribers can filter by set of gestures or templates in certain geographical location. This will indeed redefine snapshot experience of users in locations like Disney Land, Malibu, Brooklyn, Manhattan etc.

How to enable this feature?

To enable this set of smart filters and effects, just hop over to application settings and scroll into “Additional Service” and tap on “Manage”. In the manage section be sure that Filters settings are switched on and application have desired privileges to access your location.Snapchat have clearly mentioned in their terms and conditions that they are not storing any location specific data of any user, so user should be less scary to turn on this feature. After enabling this feature, users can preview these filters by swiping to the right from the screen while composing or taking their snapshot. These filters will modify or transform depending upon user’s locality and their neighborhood.

Characteristics of these Geofilters:

The new set of smart geofilters doesn’t offer any additional photo editing effect but are only plain filters with a funky graphic text in fronts. They resembles to the set of stickers that is mostly provided by the convectional photo editing applications. For example, Snapchat users whose location is Brooklyn, the filter effect is of an artistic font in the bottom, in contrast to people whose location is New York, which have special filter showcasing array of dollar bills. If you are supposed to be in Disney Land than you will be equipped to add a little Mickey Mouse in your snaps so that people can get a glimpse that you are in The Happiest and Wonderful Place on The Earth. Snapchat creative staff mentioned in their recent blog post that they have immense fun in conceptualizing and drawing these location based geofilters.

Geofilter to be a revenue leg for Snapchat:

Snapchat clearly mentioned that they have plans to earn revenue from this geofilter feature, like any event organizers want to promote their upcoming concert or festival by using this feature. This will tempt users to participate in the event and capture once in life-time unique snapshot experience with set of these filters. They have already signed some contracts with the promotional event organizers for enabling this feature.

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