SnapChat is a photo sharing and messaging app

SnapChat is a photo sharing and messaging app special designed for only Android OS and

iOS. It is mainly developed by Evan Spielgel who was a student of Stanford University at the

time when the application was launched. The famous android application was launched in

the year 2011 in the month of September. As a photo messaging application users can send

photos their contacts that are also in the same server. The photos sent in the SnapChat are

called Snaps. The application has gained a big popularity among teens and masses. It has

recently recorded sharing of more than 700 million photos and videos in a single day.

snapchat for iphones 5 or ipad 2 free app
snapchat for iphones 5 or ipad 2 free app

What is SnapChat

The application is filled with many features. There is this attractive feature in the mobile

application. The user could only send photos and videos to those fiends who are also in the

application’s server. So how is it possible for someone to find out whom among the friend

list is using the application? So the application when gets installed automatically syncs with

the contacts and it automatically detects who are using the application. It not only syncs with

phone contacts but facebook friends can also be synced in the application. The facebook

friends of the user get merged with the friends of the application and the user can send

picture messages to facebook friends too.

The application helps the user to take screenshots and send to their friends. According to the

developers just texting takes all the fun out of the communication. Pictures always convey

better messages. There is this disappearing message feature that is unique and only is given

to the application users. The user can send a picture to any friend from the contacts and

determine the time till when it will be visible. As for example let Andy send a picture to Max

in the application using this disappearing message feature. Andy set the visible time to 10

seconds. After the recipient opens the picture it will be visible to the recipient for only 10


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