Snapchat and its unique and user friendly features by FlossieX

Snapchat is an application for android and other smart phone operating systems like iOs. It is

used as a communicative medium by to mostly by the youth, teenagers and young adults only to

have fun their near ones. This ephemeral kind of photo sharing application is becoming a rage

day by day. Snapchat has become one of the most popular medium to share a picture with in a

very short period of time. The application was developed by Evan Spielgel, Bobby Murphey and

Reggie Brown. Through this app is meant to share not only photos but you can also share short

videos, putting text and including funny drawings as well. Users can send those things only to a

controlled list of recipients. The sent photos, videos and other drawings are known as snaps.
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Features that make the application so special among the gen Y:

You can send numerous numbers of photos through this fun sharing app. There is an option for

the users to set on a particular time for the viewers to see the sent photos and as the time will be

over, the photo will automatically be deleted from snapchat’s mother server. During the period

of viewing the photos, the recipient must retain a contact with the device. The device’s touch

screen must be kept in touch while the recipient is watching the photo. Little time based video

sharing instantly is also possible with this app. Snapchat is the first mobile application which

offers such kind of little duration video sharing. You can also borrow money from your friend

who also a member of this exciting mobile app through the snapcash option in it. To doing that

you just have to have the accessibility of using debit card. One of the best aspect of snapchat is

that you can monitor or set the timer for how long your shared object will show to other

recipients phone or after how long period of time it will automatically dissolve from the server.

For doing this you just have to set the timer.

User’s reaction on this new app:

With the arrival of this new app, people are accepting hugely. Recent study shows that Snapchat

is becoming the top most smart phone app downloaded in recent time. It has been noticed by the

researchers that people prefer to use this application for various reasons. Analysis report also

shows that the most interesting fact that appeals to the global users is that the photos do not stay

longer and go into oblivion within a short span of time. And you don’t need to be cautious about

the privacy policy. Because after a certain time it will automatically dissolves according to your

pre settled time. There is no limit of how much and how long you can access it. At a time you

can send numerous photos to one or more recipients. This user handy app is meant to be built for

sharing fun and photos or snapchat images, and it exactly does the same by getting the user’s

pulse. So its popularity increases day bay day in a very fast velocity.

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