snapchat droid video-Snap chat, the modern age smart phone app for communication

An old generation piles over the upcoming one. A prevalent generation never forgets to leave

the permanent trace of some of its beneficial impacts, before it fades away into oblivion, at

the onset of the advent of the forth coming, subsequent one. The entire 20th century will live

on, forever, as the biological mother of all technological inventions that get nurtured by the

subsequent 21st century techno masters. The modern age is better known as the decade of

technology, which lessen the active involvement of human brains and elongates the

fundamentality of the modern age technological tools. The modern age, busy lifestyle play

cupid between all day long busyness and lack of entertainment. Hanging out with pals, or

spending some quality moment with your beau have become the earnest craving of human

souls. But the busy work schedule plays the villain here. Hence, people are inclining more

towards the alternative ways to stay in touch with their closed ones. Cell phone

communication, text massages communication, chatting through the email or social

networking sites etc have become dead wood although when they are compared to the

popularity of snap chat communication, which has created a strong ripple amongst the

modern century- tech savvy people, from the very beginning, when it first dropped its baby

steps at the ground of the 21st century society.Snapchat Droid VideoSnapchat Droid Video

What is snap chat?

snap chat is that modern age photo messaging application ,that enables the modern

generation communicators to send their texts along with their clicked photographs or any

recorded video clips etc. such addition of images adds fun and liveliness to a trivial text

message. Well, the people, especially the teens find it widely interesting, since it’s solely

dependent upon the senders to set a stipulated duration for the added clip or the image to

display on the mobile phone screen. After the limited duration is over, the text and the added

icons will be automatically destroyed. Hence, even if you are sharing something very secret

with someone, you don’t need to fear about the longevity of the sent items, since they will

dissolve soon following the timer’s instruction.

A friend or a foe?

It’s true that though the technological inventions are becoming far more powerful than of the

capacity of any individual human. But this is equally true that it’s a human brain that first

begot the idea of inventing them. Hence, the human brain is little bit stronger, that owns the

capacity of being rational in need. But what if, the human beings kick off their rationality or

common senses and fall prey to the ill motifs that come out from their own within. The

consequence becomes fatal. The positivity of snap chat drastically converts into negativity.

Mainly the teens find the snapchat at the most eligible platform to share their private

pictures, or explicit text messages amongst the others. Though the time duration is set, but

unfortunately even within that tiny span of time, somebody can take a snapchat screenshot

of the particular snap. This prevents to delete snapchat and makes the picture to stay

permanent, which can cause some fatal consequences of the leaked snapchat to the sender.

To conclude

There are some certain limitations that every user should abide by, before they install this

app in their cell phones. A brainless application lacks the human conscience. So, it’s better to

manipulate its capacity for a wise purpose.

snap chat