Will SnapChat go public IPR or stay private?-snapchat dl hot babys funny pictures

In the world of internet there is no term like private. No matter how strong maybe the

privacy policy of a website still any data once goes on the net it cannot be labelled as private

anymore. Private are those data which remains in the human brain. Once that data is uploaded

on the internet from the brain then it does not remain private. As for example consider

someone has an old fashioned photo album with all the private photos in them. Those photos

are private in the real sense because no one has access to those photos other than the owner.

But in any case a friend of the owner of the album takes the album clicks a photo and uploads

them on any social networking site or SnapChat. In such case the privacy of the picture is

violated heavily.
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Relationship Issues

If you are using the application then privacy is just like a lost art for you and your friends.

Be it best friend pictures or love photos there is tendency to upload and share the photos

via the application which compatible with android operating system and iOS. And the shared

photos get shared more among friends. And ultimately the world gets to know about your

new love life. Violation of the privacy is the major reason behind most of the relation issues


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