Snapchat Canada Country-Retailers have got a Huge Advertising Platform in Snapchat

Snapchat has got a huge popularity within a very short period after its origin. Almost all other

social networking apps have been defeated by this app only for its huge popularity. In fact with

days this popularity of Snapchat app has getting increased. The hidden reason of this popularity

is the uniqueness of the app. It is a picture sharing app; the users can share pictures with their

friends through this app, to express their feelings and emotion. Snapchat videos and messages

are also important mediums of using things app in own purpose. Many new services are also

getting update by this app for providing more facilities to the users. The Snapchat Discovery,

text chat and video calling system have been included to this app and for that the app has become

more useful.

Retailers’ advantage in advertising

Snapchat has taken advertising facility in this app through Snapchat Discovery. And now this

app has presented a huge advertising platform in front of the business owners. As the millions of

users are now engage in using this social networking app, the advertising would be biggest

success to reach to the millions of people in a very simple way. The retailers those can’t compete

with the big business like show room, they can now get huge market through this advertising

service of Snapchat app. Now those small businesses can defeat the largest businesses in a very

easy way. As the app is a picture messaging app, the business providers can make attractive

images and videos for promoting their business and products. They need to attract the users to

their business through those promotional activities. They need to communicate with the users

more to promote their products to those users, those users may be good customers.

snapchat canada

snapchat canada
snapchat canada

Increasing popularity of Snapchat

The app is one of the most popular social networking apps, and the popularity of this app is

getting increased day by day. In this year the total Snapchat users are 27 million, and this no was

14 million in the last year. More than 500 million snaps get shared by the users every day. The

main users of this app are the teenagers. The teens of United States, aged between 13 to 17 years,

are the half in number regarding the total Snapchat users. Those are engage in sharing their love

pictures, intimate images and Snapchat videos with their friends, through this app. various types

of images get shared in this app, anybody can share any picture. The sexy photographs are also

get shared by the users. And for that the popularity of this social networking app getting

increased day by day.

Those are the reasons behind this overwhelming popularity of this app. Millions of teenagers are

engage in using their Snapchat app for sharing their private pictures and videos with the close

friends. The new services from Snapchat are also very effective. The advertising service has got

also very positive response both from the business owners and Snapchat users. Snapchat is

hopeful for their new services.

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