Snapchat can restore your personal sharing, is it true?

With the passing time social networking sites are changing very fast. After micro blogging and

photo sharing websites, a new kid in the blog has been raised, those are called apps. This mobile

applications are very much user handy and efficient. Among the ocean of newly launched mobile

applications, Snapchat is the best. No we are not claiming it. Recent study report exactly shows

that. It is an n application that enables its users to have the advantages of sharing photos with

friends and near ones. This app gives you the opportunity to share numerous numbers of photos

which are mostly called as snaps. You can also shoot and share little time duration based videos.

It features some unique features that are beyond anyone’s imagination. The application is mainly

meant for running on the iOS operating systems and android phones. And it is completely free,

no download charge is needed. If your smart phone has the net connectivity, you can use it

freely. But certain objections are also rises about the fun sharing app.
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Learn about Snapchat:

The application was developed by Evan Spielgel, Bobby Murphey and Reggie Brown. It allows

us to share or send numerous numbers of photographs and little time based video sharing

instantly. You can also borrow money from your friend who also a member of this exciting

mobile app through the snapcash option in it. Snapchat has become one of the most popular

medium to share a picture with in a very short period of time. One of the best aspect of snapchat

is that you can monitor or set the timer for how long your shared object will show to other

recipients phone or after how long period of time it will automatically dissolve from the mother

server. For doing this you just have to set the timer.

The newly photo recovery method of snapchat:

This application has become extremely demanding because of its easy to use and user friendly

ambience. The application gives the users the freedom to share their photos with friends. The

uniqueness lies in the fact that the application does not store the photos. Snapchat was hugely

popular for its pre settled self-dissolvent ability of photographs but controversies raises that

snapchat restores your sexy sharing like semi-nude pictures and nude videos. As the time is over

the picture will disappear automatically. With the help of the app, people can share sexy

photographs. It has been noticed that the photos are deleted permanently but it can retains the

history of the photos shared with your contacts. If you are using any third party application along

with snap chat then there are chances that the application will keep the pictures saved in the

memory storage. There are several folders that keep the images saved. The images are stored by

using the metadata system. It is really a matter of worry and company officials said to solve the

problem as early as possible and they also emphasize on maintain some guidelines while

shooting or sharing snaps.

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