snapchat bobby murphy get shy when someone adds you -things to do or use of

Ground-breaking Snapchat marketing ideas

It’s a challenge or the marketers to market their products, services or brands through new ways.

They have to target that platform which is much-hyped among their leads. The following out of

the box marketing ideas will definitely help you to get a strong foothold over the market through

Snap chat:

• Send a quick snap: Send a quick snap of a newly launched product to the leads you want

to target. You may add a caption like “this is just a trailer of the new product/collections;

visit the online store or nearest retail store to explore more”. This kind of marketing will

surely increase the footfalls in your retail store or heighten the traffic of your online store.

People will at least check out the new product out of curiosity. The leaked Snapchat will

be an added advantage for you as it will go viral without your active involvement and

your product will be successfully marketed.

snapchat bobby murphy get shy when someone adds you -things to do or use of
snapchat bobby murphy get shy when someone adds you -things to do or use of

• Snap a discount coupon: You can snap a discount coupon to your leads and ask them to

take a quick snapshot within seconds and they can avail the aforesaid discount easily. It

may be a discount code or images. You ca n add an appealing caption like “the quickest

snapshot will get the discount. This will definitely generate your sales and your leads will

wait for another snap for you to get discount.

• Offer of the day: You can snap an offer meant for a particular day to your potential

customers. It’s one of the best ways for promotion. You can offer a discount on price

which they can avail if they buy the product in that day. You may announce some free

item with the main product or service which they can claim in that day only. These

occasional offers will surely help you to generate more sales.

• Contest on snapchat: you must be wondering how any contest can be possible with this

free app Snapchat. Well, it’s quite simple; you just have to make the most of the self-
destructive feature of this app. You can send your leads various snap and ask them to

mail the keywords or the message of the pictures. If a customer is fast enough to notice

the specification of the snap and mail it correctly then you can give attractive offers to

that person or a free promotional gift.

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