Snapchat attracts advertisers with better visibility of the app

According to report over 2 billion videos are viewed on Snapchat every day, the direct interactive nature of this ephemeral mobile app has been proved to be appealing as well as effective for articulating videos of live events. There are more followers of Snapchat’s live stories more than the leading news channels, the 13 to 34 old people of USA prefer to watch the same event from the live stories of Snapchat than the news channels. The advertisements that are displayed on Snapchat always comes in full screen providing better visibility to the users thus able to drag the attraction of the users more than other social media app or websites. Hence in the world of online marketing the effect of Snapchat is obviously incomparable. Hence day after day more advertisers are getting associated with Snapchat. Snapchat is a better showcase for advertising any brand or service, due to its large user base and better visibility of the advertisements.
Moreover being a mobile only app it also has some added benefits as well. While developing the features of other social media apps the developers are required to cater the feature by keeping in mind both the mobile and desktop versions, but as Snapchat is only available in mobile version thus the developers can concentrate on developing only the mobile version’s features that simply makes the functionality better in comparison to the other social media platforms.

Facebook is on the process of adapting the features of Snapchat

Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for 3 billion dollars, but the founders of Snapchat refused that proposal. The news is quite well-known and well discussed, but now it seems after being a failure in that initiative now Facebook is simply trying to adapt the features of Snapchat. Though the spokespersons of Facebook denied commenting on this fact, but the users of Snapchat can quickly identify these features of Facebook as they are too much similar to Snapchat. At first Facebook launched Facebook Slingshot. This is an app that allows the users to annotate pictures with text and colorful drawings similar to Snapchat, prior sharing with friends. And now Facebook again released Snapchat-like features to the iOs app that let the users to add filters, text and stickers to the images that they would upload to Facebook. In December 2014 Facebook combined photos with stickers with the Stickered app. The latest updates alleviates the amount of options that let the users to include stickers collected from sticker store of Facebook, add filters and write messages in colorful text. According to the spokesperson, the latest features of the app would provide the facilities of a quick photo editing tool. It is just to add more fun to the photos prior uploading them to the Facebook profiles. By accessing the lower-left button of the selected photos the users can draw, write on the images. These benefits have been opened for the users of iPhone, however the users of the android devices still need to wait to obtain these facilities.

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