Snapchat as a popular social media among the students

If you take a look at the students, the main mode of communication before was the genuine texting. Then the various messenger apps and the social networking apps came into the market and so, the scenario changed gradually with the widespread inclusions of the smart phones and the dedicated apps which help the students stay in touch with the friends. Some of the social networking apps include Facebook which seems to be the birth right of every student as every student seems to have born with a Facebook login ID and the Facebook messenger also helps them keep in contact with each other. Along with that the other photo sharing apps like Instagram and Snapchat also came up. Well, right now, with a total daily 100 million users, Snap chat is one of the leading social networking apps used by the students.
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The usage of the social networking app among the students

Well, the most challenging task for the students is to keep the data usage within the monthly limit that is allotted to them. According to a survey conducted in the students of the high school, they do generally use the apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat for staying connected with each other. The percentage of Snapchat daily usage increased by a percentage of 32 among the class of 2015 from the class of 2014 and that was a huge boosting for the app as it entered the market with a bang. The other social media like Spotify saw an increase in daily usage of 78% from the last year while Netflix saw a hike in 36% over the daily usage in the past year.

The main losers from the last year include the Tumblr which experienced a drop of 13 per cent from the daily usage in the last year and the Pandora which saw a drop of 11% daily usage from the last year.

The revolution in the social networking media in recent times

With the launching of the apps like Snap chat, the trend of video streaming increased and the other streaming apps also became popular. But the most popular video and picture sharing app among the students is Snapchat. You can share unlimited pictures and videos among your friends using the app and anther very useful feature of the app is that after 24 hours, the picture or video which is termed as a snap will disappear from the app and you will be unable to view that. This is very useful and was designed keeping in mind the security of the users. Some other facilities of the app include the easy sharing of the snaps and also easy viewing. You can also send stories or links to your friends and can give your snapcodes for helping them follow you. So, if we sum it up, Snap chat is an awesome app and most of the students find it easy to share photos and videos on the app. Well, the real credit goes to Evan Spiegel, who is the founder and CEO of the app.

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