Differentiate Your Personal and Private Moments-snapchat application download on apps store for free

There is a thin line between private and personal life. There are many moments which are

personal but cannot be considered as private. But in the other way all private moments are

personal. There is a common conflict between both. Many people do the mistake of confusing

both. You might love to share the birthday party pictures with your friends. But you will not like

to send share any crazy moments shared with your family. The wedding pictures are personal

moments that are being captured and shared but on the other hand there are some other occasion

related to the wedding which involves private moments with your partner which is not at all

worth a share.

snapchat application download on apps store for free
snapchat application download on apps store for free

The blame

There is always blame on the websites and the web media of sharing private moments. There

are always complains from many users that science and technology is growing to be curse. But a

question that is often remained unanswered is that who is making it a curse? We are the creators

of technology. Thus it is completely in our hand how you use it. The usage of the technology

thus depends on the individual. The technology will be a boon or bane is thus depends on each


The helpful websites

SnapChat is a website that is often blamed to spread illicit pictures over the web. But that is

nit true. SnapChat gives you the opportunity to share messages with a fixed time set and then

the picture will disappear. But there is also the other website named SnapChat Leaked that

has the ability to store such images which have been shredded. Both the app and the websites

are designed for the purpose of helping the people. There are people who want to share some

moments and at the same time do not wish it to stay in the receiver’s device. For them the app is

perfect. But if one wants to store the images they can do so by taking the snapshot of the picture

and uploading it into the SnapChat Leaked website.

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