Snapchat: the popular social media app-snapchat account data leak live help software

The hottest app on the block is Snapchat, everyone knows that. You are probably wondering how

efficient is this new app that is making the rounds recently? Well, let us enlighten you. Mmillons

of customers have been attracted to this app which makes photo and video sharing as easy and

fun as anything.
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Ways of capturing photos via Snapchat

This is very simple. You only need to aim the camera towards the targeted object and then press

the circle that appears at the middle of the screen. If it is a video you want to record, you will

need to hold that circle for 10 seconds or so. If you want to type something along with your

photo, you can press the screen again and a texting bar will appear. A pencil icon is there at the

top right corner of the screen which will allow you to edit your photo.

Save a photo in Snapchat

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