Snapchat a social podium for the youngsters by sofiacute09

Children today hardly get the scope of socializing with their neighbors of similar ages, so their

urge to socialize is suppressed. But after a certain age, when they get the cell phones in their

hands they try new things with the help of internet. One of the most attractive points on the

internet podium for kids is social media. And the smartphones today possess the application

version of the social media websites, which are bread and butter for children in their teens.
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The teens today are a media-freak and they know everything that is in fashion. Right from the

smartphone apps to the food value of chicken burgers all is just a mere click away for them. And

they make the preference according to their need and liking.

And social media to them is just like a morning sip of tea to the youngsters. This is what sets

their mood for the whole day. For that to progress in the right direction they search for an app

that suits them perfectly. Snapchat is one of the apps that are more appreciated by the

youngsters because of unique graphics and innovative primary and secondary feature’s tally.

Reason for the popularity

To be successful in the market once is different from staying at the top for years. And Snap chat

made second part of the sentence a real truth, due to its features primary and secondary features

tally. Apart from all the modern amenities in a social media app like sharing pictures, texts

quotes, voice files, videos and all sorts of media files, this app gives an extra feature of erasing

all these messages within a stipulated time of maximum 10 seconds. This feature is boon for all

those youngsters who do not like anyone to track hold of the media or text files that are send to

receiver’s cell phone.

Business backdrop

Since the younger generation is eager to know and try anything new, Snapchat gives them that

little edge over the other similar apps in the market. And this is the reason why the app is valued

so highly among the younger bunch of the citizens. Big MNC’s also look for this target audience

because youngsters are the age group that can act as the voice of the brand in the future. With

such a huge fan base the app is has also attracted many investments, which has directly been

influential from business propositions.

To sum up

Social media app is a one of the biggest hits among the younger bunch of citizens and reason is

behind this is their nature to know more and make new friends. But in this market of sheer

competition the market value of app is determined by it user base and in case Snapchat this bar

is steadily reaching new heights.

And with this target audience making slow inroads for investments and the management team

has also shown faith on the slow and steady improvement of the business, without greedily going

for large bulk at an early stage.

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