Snapchat: A making life easy and smart for Likasumbodi

About five years back smartness was justified when you have a smartphone, but now the phrase

of “smartphone” is rightly when you have a smartphone with smart apps. And social media apps

are the needs of the hour, among them one of the most popular apps is Snapchat, which allows

you to transfer pictures, messages and even send videos without any hidden charges. This smart

application is popular among teenagers but people off ages can use it to make their lives even

more happening.

Smartness of this app is justified to great extent with the vanishing nature i.e. the messages,

images that are send to the receiver gets deleted within 5-10 seconds. So the keeping record of

the files or messages send through the app becomes difficult to track. This USP of the app is

undoubtedly liked by the younger generation, which the statistical figures rightly point out.
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The easy app

Most of the smartphone application’s original versions are tough to find on the internet, and if it

is found, the process of installation is lengthy one. But in case of Snapchat, the picture is

completely different as its original version is available across all popular smartphone platforms,

and the installation process is also comparatively easy.

The pattern of usage is also very unique and easy. Though statistical figures suggest that the app

is popular among the younger lot, yet this app may be a way of socializing for people of all ages.

Not only for socializing, this app can be used by all for refreshment purposes and fun as well.

And the vanishing nature of the application will not allow anyone to track hold of the messages,

videos and visual messages send through it.

Socially smart app

Social media apps are not a new prospect in this era of science and technology, but what makes

Snapchat so different from other similar apps? The answer is already there in the smarter

features list of then app.

As the younger generation are the ambassador of this smartphone and its apps, in the case of

Snap chat it is no different. But social media apps have been in the market for long, but this app

had something extra in the features tally to grasp lion’s share of the attention. And the most

interesting in the pile of features is the vanishing nature of the app.

To sum up

Since the app developing company today giving stress on providing something extra than the app

that is ruling the market. This extra effort was also put in the by the app development team of

Snap chat. The features tally of the app is constantly under renovation, for up gradations, and

with this approach the app has been able to penetrate the younger mass to great extent.

As this app’s features tally is prime talking point for many, many are overlooking that the app is

also making efforts to improve the graphics and security system. These characteristics make this

app one of the most easy, smart and trendy social media apps of the generation.

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