Snap Us – The Changed Way To See The World

Snapchat the latest video and photo sending app has made everyone its addict. However being an

app of the 21st century has its own causes and concern. The Company claims that the videos and

photos get deleted as soon as the time limit is over was put under the scanner when a leading

magazine published a report in its latest edition that the so called disappeared snaps can be

retrieved with a little technical knowhow. The claims of the magazine were inspected properly

and it was found that the photos can indeed be retrieved with proper forensic tools. As a result of

this the Snapchat organization had to pay a heavy as security breach and faces privacy


Common Uses And Behavior:

In 2014 researchers from various universities devised an application that would enable them to

study why people preferred using Snapchat. The researchers stated that due to the ephermal

nature of the Snapchat application its predominant use would however result in privacy breach.

In conducted study only a mere 1.4%people confirmed to have used Snapchat for “sexting”

purposes. While another 16.24%people affirmed to have used Snapchat for sending sexual

content and messages at some point of time. The primary purpose of using Snapchat however

remained same with a majority of 58.9%respondents said that they used Snapchat for funny

purposes like sending stupid faces and funny pictures. The research also said that a majority of

people do not consider Snapchat fit for sending any type of sexting messages, any kind of legal

document, other legal contents and all such things which are considered as rude and insulting.

The research suggested that the success was not due to any of its feature but because people

found it to be a fun to use app. Reasons for adjusting the time length of the snaps also depended

upon a number of factor such as the level of trust in the relationships, the time needed to

comprehend the snap and to avoid the chances of screenshot.

Changes In Snapchat Privacy Policy:

Snapchat’s private policy was written so that Snapchat can be protected from any legal issues.

Users can’t hold Snapchat responsible for anything that might result from Snapchat’s use. If the

users managed to sue Snapchat the money limit could exceed one US Dollars. The documents

also confirmed that Snapchat used the users email address, phone number, usernames, and

facebook id to find friends who also use Snapchat. However after being in the spotlight with the

FTC, Snapchat has modified its privacy policy. Snapchat’s privacy policy is divided into seven

categories: collection of information, uses of information, analytical services provided by others

are a few of the categories to name out of the seven. All these changes have not made the

Snapchat all safe to use. As with the ever increasing security features of the app, there is an ever

increasing threat from the hacking world as well. They take these security features as a challenge

and try to overcome these challenges with the help of hacking. People therefore should think

twice before posting any personal information on Snapchat.

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