Snapchat Lawsuit- the drama unfolds-snap my cat for find a dating partner

Snapchat is one of the most interesting messaging apps in the recent times. Initiated in 2011,

Snapchat has taken the world of internet users by storm. There are many tech start-ups

around the world that began by a group of friends and then snowballed became big. Like Mark

Zuckerberg had started Facebook with his room-mates from Harvard in 2004, similarly Steve

Jobs had started Apple with his buddies. Like these two prototypes, Snapchat had also evolved

around an interesting idea.
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But was the birth of Snapchat based on a lie?

There are numerous incidents in business where someone started out a venture, everybody

applauded commended the creator and later, someone else came out and claimed that the idea

originally belonged to him.

The same happened with Snapchat also. Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy – the CEO and CTO

of Snapchat were known as the co-founders duo of Snapchat till the month of February in

2013, when an unknown entity and the former classmate of Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy

named Reggie Brown, came forth and accused the co-founders to steal the idea of Snapchat,

which according to Reggie Brown, belonged to him.

What followed was a murky and dramatic legal battle between David and Goliath i.e. Reggie

Brown Vs the big shots of Snapchat. It ended in the September of 2014, when after labeling for

more than a year the claims made by Reggie Brown as being ‘devoid of merit’; Evan Spiegel and

Bobby Murphy forced to give the credit to Reggie as the original creator of Snapchat.

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