snap me – Happiness is shared on snapchat with loved ones

Happiness is sharing something with friends and family. So don’t keep your family and yourself

from this eternal happiness just because you are staying far away from the sight of your loved

ones. Here is an application that has been invented with a purpose of giving you numerous

reasons to be happy and satisfied. The name of the application is snapchat. It is a revelation

itself in the 21st century, this century is known as an era of technology and its development.

The app snapchat that is going to be discussed here has a lot many things to provide it users.

The most important feature that has made it into a very unique and so much desirable to

everyone is its self destructive or ephemeral nature. It is simple to describe it like this. Let us

delve deep into the issue with a little bit of details and unknown information. This application

has been built by three genius brains who took it to a new level of developed technology.

Let’s start with the beginning;

The beginning should be from its very beginning. You have to go to any search engine and type

its name then install it as the instructions are placed step by step. Then as you are done with your

installation of the application, sign up first with your personal email id and then provide it with a

password and then login to it to start with your friends. Snapchat has already made its way into

the dictionary for its wide usage across the world and for it have a large number of users as well.

Here you can make new friends and share your story with them. Suppose you are attending a

festival or any special occasion and you are missing your friends and family who are absent from

the scene. Still you can share your darling moments with them. How? Okay them you just have

to go to the application and then click photos of the activities of the festival or the event and then

just share the picture. But before sharing is done, you have to choose the recipients or you can

create a list of recipients. After that comes the option for setting the time limit. And now click on

the send option. It has been mentioned before that the application is known as self destructive

photo messaging application. Here you have nothing to worry about like your personal moments

will be leaked and everyone will come to know out your personal activities. The photos will be

deleted automatically after a certain time and your recipient will no longer have access to those

photos anymore.

Sum up:

Not only photos can be shared here. But you can share your videos, drawings and you can text

from here too. Yes, you read it right. You can now edit your photo messages and videos and

drawings with texts in order to present yourself as more expressive and clear.

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