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Snapchat In The First Place At Different Niche

Ads are introduced in Snapchat:

Snapchat has introduced ads in order to raise money, and they are very straightforward while

declaring the reason behind upholding the ads. The ads do not appear into the text or snap

of the users. Like its features its ads are also cooler than other popular social media sites. As

this app has gained immense popularity among the young generation that’s why company are

utilizing the platform to promote their products and services. According to the spokesperson

of the site they are expecting that within few days they will be the platform for promoting

well known brands and organizations.

Add shimmer in your dull, boring life:

If still now Snapchat is not installed in your phone then you must be still in the habit of

using old, boring communicating apps. By installing the app you can bring some color into

your dull boring life. Our phones are the storehouse of our images, videos and important

documents, who wants to store other’s images in the phone. Hence Snapchat is a good

medium to share photos with closed ones as the photos will be disappeared after a distinctive

time, you can set the time limit before sending the image and your predetermined time the

photo will be vanished from the phone’s memory. Like this way you can share your every

minute detail to your loved ones without destroying their phone’s memory.

Snap Chat with its latest Our Story feature:

The developers of Snapchat always dedicated themselves in sake of improving and adding

innovative features into the app. They want to be the adhesive in the provision of applications

that can engage the users with the mobile. For the very first day of its introduction it has been

creating buzz, if the people of the next era go through the history of applications which were

as for its popular impact over the social media app. Recently Mtv has announced of releasing

the first footage of a music show through the app, this is the sign of the increasing popularity

of this app. Leaving behind the fear of photo and video leakage it has still now hold its

Snapchat has added a new feature “Our story” through which the users can send the real

footage of a special event like football tournament, music festival and many more. At this

moment the videos which are released are generally two to three minutes long but as per

the developers soon the length will be increased. The festivals which are less popular to the

people are gaining attention through this feature and the most important factor is that they are

proving an international platform to these carnivals and festivals. The feature is unique and

no other app has ever included such a feature. The whole world is waiting eagerly to see how

soon this app can cross the popularity of Facebook.

century, they will find Snapchat is popular for its negative aspects as well

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