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Advertising Is Inviting Money To Snapchat To Expand Itself

Snapchat is the app that has been in the news for many good and bad reasons. Two years since

the app has started to get popular among the mass the app has never gone out of news. In spite

of all the wrong words people are not stopping to use the revolutionary Snapchat app. This

forum is considered to be the safest and secure place where people can share the images, texts

and videos without the tension of getting leaked. This is the special attraction of the app. The

app gives you the opportunity to share any number of images. You have to set the time limit of

the snap after which the snap will expire. The snap after that speculated tome limit will simply

vanish from the mobile of the receiver. The maximum time limit that you set for each Snap chat

pic is 10 seconds. After that the photos or text will be deleted forever.

When Snapchat is the platform

Famous brands are pooling their service to tie up with Snapchat. Now along with the chat with

friends you will be able to see the advertisements in it. So the next time, when you are using

the app do not be surprised to see the ad of your favorite brand. The platform is chosen by the

companies as they want to share the popularity and the high number of traffic of the app. If

that particular traffic is attracted the bards are able to reach a number of users. Thus Snap chat

platform is growing to be one of the lucrative platforms for marketing. Within the three years the

app has reached such positions that even movie trailers are being displayed in the app.

Money making technique of Snapchat

The ads that appear in the app are only for few hours. The app follows this rule and thus is

attracting a number of people. The people who will see the ads will know that all the ads are

unique here. The ads are not same as you see in TV. It will be much more meaningful and

catchy. The information that is to be passed through ads are very much well designed. The

information of the ad should be such that it will create a strong impact on the minds of the users

and that too in a very short time. The focus of the ad is to be prompted and in Snap chat it is to

be done within 24 hours as after that the ad will expire.

The liberty of people

As the ads are put in the app, and the users are told about it they might have the concern that

their favorite app is getting blocked with ads just like any other social networking sites. But the

fact is not so. The people who use the app have the liberty to see the ad according to own choice.

If the user do wants to see any ad the user has full right to skip it. This is the unique thing of

Snapchat that is designed knowing the minds of the users.

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