Snap dis guys girls <3 – Snapchat’s new unique feature discovery

Social media is changing constantly. With the passing time various new applications and

platforms are coming day by day. But today’s generation next is hugely going gaga over the

newly arrived mobile app Snapchat. It is becoming a rage among the young adults and the

teenagers. It is an ephemeral kind of mobile application which allows us to share or send

numerous numbers of photographs and little time based video sharing instantly to your mobile’s

recipients list. This lucid and fun sharing photo messenger type application has given a solid

challenge to many popular social networking sites and applications. You have to consider the

fact that Snapchat is the new sensation in the social networking and connecting sites. Recent

reports also show that users are choosing it hugely over Facebook and Instagram. The

application is now about to launch Discover. Before moving further into the discussion what is

Snapchat and how it works thoroughly.
Attractive-HVAC-Design-For-Sophisticated-Bedroom-Decor-e1404392202837Snap dis guys girls <3

What is Snapchat?

It is an ephemeral kind of mobile application which allows us to share or send numerous

numbers of photographs and little time based video sharing instantly. You can send numerous

numbers of photos through this fun sharing app. There is an option for the users to set on a

particular time for the viewers to see the sent photos and as the time will be over, the photo will

automatically be deleted from snapchat’s mother server. For doing this you just have to set the

timer for which period of time it will automatically dissolve from it. You can also borrow money

from your friend who also a member of this exciting mobile app through the snapcash option in

it. To doing that you just have to have the accessibility of using debit card. One of the best

aspects of snapchat is that you can monitor or set the timer for how long your shared object will

show to other recipient’s phone.

Snapchat discovery:

Snap chat discover is an all new way to explore on the stories from different parts of the world

by different editorial reams. This application is not only a purely social media site. Whereas

social media sites promote what is most recent and most popular. But with snapchat’s discover

this new application see it from little different angle. Download snapchat free, yes it is the main

and utmost privilege that you can get from this service. But apart from it you will also get the

new application Discover is different because it has been developed to satisfy the purpose of

creativity. The technology has been discovered to cater mostly to the service of art. Each edition

of the application includes full screen photos and videos as well. Long form of layouts and

gorgeous advertisings can be seen as well. It adds a whole new dimension to share photos and

snaps to the recipients. The main motive of the company is to determine on what is most

important for the users to know and learn through the new option Discover.

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