Snap dis guy girls!!-The Fun To Do App

Snapchat the latest addition to the app world has created a flutter among the active social

networking bees. Its high speed service and its various features fail to bore its users. Apart from

all these features, the prompt services which the Snapchat organization renders has helped them

to make quite a number of loyal users. Right from the teens to the not so teens can hardly resist

themselves from using Snapchat for a longer period of time. With the time passing by people are

becoming more and more its addict.

The General Features Of Snapchat:-

Snapchat was basically created to send photos and videos to a selected number of recipients

added in the contact list. The photos and videos which we send are known as “snaps”. The most

promising feature of Snapchat is that the photos and videos which we have send and received get

disappeared from the recipients and the users device within ten seconds of viewing the snaps.

After this the snaps also get deleted from the company’s server. Snapchat helps you stay

connected with your friends and help you give them a slight peek into your day, today

happening. Apart from this primary features Snapchat also allows you to add you personalize

captions to your each and every snaps. It also has a screenshot facility. Screenshot feature

enables the recipients to take a picture of the received snaps the moment they are viewed. But if

you take a screenshot of some received pictures, the sender of those pictures will get to know

that you have taken a screenshot the moment you click on the capture button.

Enhanced Features:-

As an application of the 21st century and facing stiff competition from every possible angles the

Snapchat organization have to constantly evolve and enhanced feature to their applications. In

order to maintain lead over other videos and snaps sending applications, the makers of snapchat

added a very much wanted feature in their application. This feature came to be known as the

“Replay Feature”. The replay feature enables the users to view the received snaps unlimited

times over a period of 24 hours. After the expiry of the said time limit they too get deleted from

the recipient’s device and then gets deleted from the company’s server. Apart from this replay

feature Snapchat also has many in build features namely the “clipart”, gallery are a few to name

among the many.

Unwanted Controversies Revoving Around Sanpchat:-

Snapchat’s claim that the snap forwarded through its server gets deleted within ten seconds after

viewing was given a setback, when many leading research organization stating that these claims

are mere statements. Extensive research conducted on this matter concluded that these snaps can

actually be retrieved with the help of proper forensic tools and a little technical knowhow. They

also stated that these snaps don’t actually get deleted, but they stay on the company’s server and

can reappear in places which the sender can least imagine of. As a result of these allegations

Snapchat organization actually had to pay a heavy fine as breach of security.

People are however not affected by all the issues and they continue enjoying Snapchat as ever


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