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Snapchat Stories: Making Moments Persistent for a Day

Life is a cumulative set of events that troubles people, excites them, drives and motivates them

for a better future and gives them hope for a better life. At any given point, life presents set of

difficulties and hurdles but people try to derive their happiness in whichever way possible and

collect wonderful moments out of life. People dodge their hurdles by hanging out with friends,

spending chilling time in outdoor, creating moments and meaning in life. To capture all these life

defining events Snapchat came-up with a new stories concept, which redefine user’s day to day

experience. Now through Snapchat users can share their entire day as a set of events with their

friends, close ones, and the most exciting part is that these snaps will not disappear immediately.

They will sustain for next 24 hours. In the survey which was carried out by Snapchat’sResearch

and Development team, they have figured out that most of the happening of life which people

share via photos and videos vanishes after intended people actually sees them and most of them

were not able to correctly interpret the moments in the first glance. So the key element in this

stories concept is that, photos will sustain for 24 hours and lets you add more photos to construct

photographic story set of entire day and people can see them innumerable times in 24 hours time-


People’s Reaction

With these stories people can add the caption and description on each photo they choose to share

and also can dictate the list of people who can view these stories by creating a special

friend/buddy list. Recipients of your story can also choose to reply with their own set of snaps

and comments. This is very fascinating and narrative concept where people are speaking the

language of pictures and involving their close ones in their life’s journey. This story embeds your

life in the chronological order where the recent photos are in the top of the story boardand the

older snaps are pushed back and it eventually gets deleted. Snapchat in their blog post updated

that life always moves on and story board also moves forward which gets unoccupied from the

past. For top Snapchatters, these stories are becoming exciting tool to communicate with their

loved ones and friends. This new exciting feature is available in the latest version of Snapchat in

all the platforms like iOS and android.

Snapchat Story: Usage

There is no pre-defined limit on how many snaps you can pile up in your story. You can also

define who can view your story by getting in the settings section and taping on “Who Can View

My Stories”. Here you can dictate and provide granular control on your stories. Deleting your

stories is also very flexible task if you have accidently added a snap which was inappropriate. To

delete your photos from stories you have hop over to “My friends” section and tap on your name.

All your stories will be shown for the day. Here you can delete single or multiple snaps as

according to your wish.Apparently there is no metrics for number of views in your Snapchat

story, which acts as a feedback loop to refine your stories for future. But, Snapchat doesn’t

show that metrics as of now, instead it shows number of views in a particular snap from your

story and also lists out the users who have viewed your snap.

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