Snap dis girls ♡_♡Does Snapchat Be Blamed For The ‘Photo Leakage’?

Hackers had released a giant database of Snapchat photos and videos which they had

collected over a considerable time. In the past the celebrities’ had been the targets of the

iCloud security breach. Bloggers and other anonymous 4chan users are claiming that more

than 200,000 Snapchat accounts have been comprised.

‘The Snappening’

Snapchat should not be blamed for the ‘The Snappening’. They had released a clear

statement which affirms that at no point of time there ‘severs’ were compromised. Therefore

they are not the source of this giant photo leakage rather it is widespread use of third-party

apps which had let them down. The member of the 4chan had given this name ‘The


Real Culprits Happens to Unauthorised Third Party Apps and Web Clients

Snapchat messaging service has a feature of disappearing photos and videos wherein the

content is deleted once it has been viewed by the recipients. Most of the Snapchat users had

begin using the unsolicited third-party apps which allows to save the photos and videos from

the Snapchat messaging platform. Though Snapchat had strengthened its security measures

which had begun encrypting the photos and videos shared on its network.contemporary-family-room-styleBe sure to snap dis guy girls ♡_♡ Behind Photo Leakage

Hackers had been able to compromise the security of a website which was widely used for

saving the snaps from the Snapchat. This website was called which was a

victim of an organised cyber attacks wherein the hackers were able to steal 13 GB worth of

Snapchat photos along with the username associated with it.

However SnapSaved is out of service for several months and its URL now redirects the user

to a Danish website which specialises in selling set-top box and television antennas.

Therefore the majority of the images unleashed online possess overlaid messages in Danish


Child Pornography Soon To Stumble Out Of Photo Leakage

4cchan users had even claimed that this photo leakage have huge abundance of photos which

shows the teenagers in compromising positions. This simply points towards the collection of

child pornography much to the discomfort of the Snapchat users. It is been reported that

almost 50% of the Snapchat users are teen agers between the age of 13-17 years. Snapchat

had always claimed that their photos and videos are deleted after few seconds and this had led

to the use of Snapchat as tool for sexting.

Earlier Instances of Security Breach In Snapchat

Snapchat is just a three old start-up of the Standford drop out students and it has been under

some kind of security issues since its inception. It have a really poor history in securing its

user’s data. In 2013 the security researchers had revealed that its ‘FindFriend’ feature is

extremely dangerous as it can easily reveal the Snap username and the phone number

associated with it. This faulty feature had happened to release about 4.6 million of such

details online. Snapchat had to apologize to its users for this grave lapse but this time round

Snapchat is not at fault, and are trying their best to make the app flawless.

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