Break the MYTHS about SnapChat-snap chat online chat application snap save download

Internet is full of information and knowledge, but still we have space for rumors and myths.

Every new product which is launched and gains popularity, struggles hard to deal with absurd

myths about them. It is really worth wondering who creates and spreads such myth, which not

only sounds absurd, but at the same time, misguides plenty of people about that product.
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Myths about Snapchat:

It is not a reliable app: You will find people saying that Snapchat is a small scale app, and is not

reliable. This is completely wrong. Developed by three Stanford students, this app is one of the

top shot in internet industry. By October 2013, the company was worth US$ 3bilion to US$ 4


It is not cool: This app is one of the most popular apps in the internet and number of people

registering on this app is increasing every day. This high number of people using this app itself

proves that the app is cool and famous.

It is not safe and secure: Many people believe that this app is not safe and secure to use.

However this is completely wrong. Like all the other apps, snapchat also maintains privacy of

all its consumers and thus keeps their data confidential. Also the phone number that you share

with the app is safe with the company, and is not shared with any third party without the consent

of the user.

It uses the phones camera and microphone to steal your data: This might be true in detective

movies and with mobile spy applications, but in case of this app it is completely wrong. This app

neither does, neither do I see it doing this in near future. This app uses the phone’s camera only

to allow you take free photos.

It leaks pictures taken on it: People often say that Snapchat leaks the pictures that are shared

on it or sent or received in its platform. It is also a myth. The company has stated many times

that snaps or stock images are deleted forever after the time limit it has been set on. The stock

images are stored on the server of the app only if they are not read and that too only for 30 days.

You can only send picture in this app, you cannot chat (texting): Along with sharing pictures,

videos, one can also chat on snapchat with text messages. Yes it’s true.

It does not run on all kinds of Phone: You can run this app on Android and IOS both. This in

other words means it works on all kinds of smart phone.

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