Snapchat, Wearable technology and the attack on user-privacy-snap chat help how to save and check snapchat online

The hornet’s nest was shaken when Edward Snowden, the ex-computer professional of National

Security Agency (NS) of America blew the whistle in the middle of June2013 that- since 2007

the USA-government had compelled some major internet companies to leaked privacy-sensitive

user-data! One felt almost astounded by seeing the big names like Google, Facebook, Yahoo,

and Skype in the list. And from there on arose the question- where one should draw the line

between ‘the private’ and ‘the public’ in digital media platforms?
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Is Wearable technology the other alternative of protection from government spying?

Google glass. Pocket watches, Headcams. Bionic contact lenses. All these are glaring examples

of wearable technology that taps the need of human beings to enhance their control, rights and

skills with gadgets and gizmos. Though till now, many futuristic concepts of wearable gadgets

are prevalent in the market, and some of the technology giants have been able to mould them into

reality, not a single company has released its wearable gizmo commercially.

If we ponder over a little, wearable technology can be the solution in future, to save the private

boundaries of our lives from the invasion of the state-machinery.

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