snap chat hacked breaks and doest work-Leaked emails reveal shocking news from Snapchat

From the time that snapchat has stepped into the app market, controversies have never left its

side and this time too it does not disappoint the gossip-lovers around the world. If the initial

leaked images from the app were not scandalous enough, now hackers have managed to find

their way into some of the confidential emails of Michael Lynton which has brought to light

some shocking revelations about the business strategies of this app. In case you did not know,

Michael Lynton is the CEO of Sony Pictures and also one of the board members of snapchat. He

recently became a target for the hackers who were infuriated over the release of the film “The


The secret tie up with former Apple’s head

The last thing that anyone expected was to discover a secret relationship being created between

the former head of Apple, Scott Forstall and the co-owners of snapchat. However, according to

the leaked emails, it is clear that snapchat has kept aside around 11% of its total stock for hiring

Mr. Forstall as one of their future advisers. When asked to comment on this fact, the owners

simply stated that there are numerous advisers acquainted with their company but as what their

exact role or contribution in the company are or will be cannot be defined individually. In the

email, a vesting period of 24 months has been agreed upon, upon completion of which, if

statistics of the growth of snapchat’s valuation be considered, Forstall might well be looking at

stock options worth around $16.5.
Snap Chat Hacked Breaks And Doest WorkSnap Chat Hacked Breaks And Doest Work

Some other big news revealed

Apart from the major news of an uncanny individual being offered a job at snap chat, there are

some other news too that came to the surface for the first time and quickly became the talk of the

town. For starters, even though it was reported earlier that Facebook had attempted to purchase

snap chat for a sum of $3 million, the total amount was considerably higher than the one stated

earlier. Secondly, in order to acquire AddLive’s synchronous video technology, snap chat has

spent around $30 million. Thirdly, the talks are on for including some kind of a music feature in

the updated version of the app. Other big purchases include Scan’s QR code scanning software

and eyeglass Vergence Labs.

Leaked emails now up for public viewing

While the leaked emails derived by the hackers were their private property for quite some time

and difficult to locate anywhere in internet, such is not the case anymore. Anyone can look for

the above mentioned emails containing confidential information on the website of WikiLeaks.

After succumbing to a loophole in the security system of the app itself, now the personal emails

of its employees are also under severe attack. This brings to question the level of carelessness

that the people working for snap chat can showcase. While the emails contain nothing that could

potentially destroy or even harm the ever-questionable reputation of snap chat, it surely will be

the cause of a number of raised eyebrows and discussions among gossip mongers.

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