snap chat groups application for free on goolge play-Send and Receive Instant Beautiful Vanishing Photos and Videos

The digital technology has seen more of innovation, since the 1980’s. The use of internet all over

the corners of the world does let sharing photos and videos among internet users. Since 2004,

the social media was one of the most important ways to share the video and photos instantly.

This time also saw the use of smart phones all over the world. Such photo and video sharing was

different when snapchat was launch since 2011. This is an application (App), which makes the

photos, and videos disappear within fraction of seconds. This went viral and there are 800

million such messages shared across the globe. This is a free App and the number of users is

rapidly increasing in private and government too.

History of Snapchat

Even though this was a technology used by Pixel Inc for gaming and cinematography purpose,

the smart college student of Stanford University developed it as a project work. They used it as

App, which went viral since the year 2011.

Company Name – Snapchat Incorporation

Developed By- Bobby Murphy

Release Date – 2011 (September)

Type of Service – Photo Sharing, Video Sharing and Social Media Networking

snap chat groups application for free on goolge play
snap chat groups application for free on goolge play

Technical Features

OS (Operating system) – Android and iOS

Platform Function- Android and iOS

Total Size – 25.8 MB

Commercial Use of Snapchat

The snapchat was best way to promote a product or service before its launch. This was the

digital way of marketing which, customers were very much interested to get a glimpse of the

new product or service in vanish advertisement by the respective companies. This was also

helpful to tempt a customer by making a demo view and spy videos of automobiles, which is not

yet launch. The digital sales promotion went to its peak by making the sales more than

expectation by this way of promoting vanish advertisement. Many government agencies do

market its timely police in this manner to their specified regions.

Fun Messaging and Video Sharing

The youngsters were the most users of Snapchat. This made it popular among the social media

users and smart phone users. People across the globe were able to send few funny movements

with lot of edits in adding up words and extra drawing to look funnier. Whenever a person sends

the instant massage, the receiver can view this photo or video for 1 to 10 seconds as set by the

sender. This also gave rise to spy videos spreading to a particular group. The sexting was one of

the prominent shared photos and videos by the youths across the globe. The use of smart phone

among people made it easier to access those sexting photos and videos in a funny way. This was

also one of the important mean to send few rear moments and occasions of friends and family to

their respective groups. The photos and videos getting disappear will also get delete in their

mobile or PC device is one of the biggest advantage of using a Snapchat.

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