How Is Snapchat’s Photo Sharing And Social Feature Different Than Other Apps In The Market-snap chat effects -downloading snap photo app

As we all know that are no dearth of photo-messaging applications. An interesting feature of

popular apps like Snapchat is that it destroys the photos automatically as soon as they are

viewed. This feature is in sharp contrast with the highly visible, and image swapping network

like Instagram.
Snap Chat Effects -downloading Snap Photo AppSnap Chat Effects -downloading Snap Photo App

The demand of photo sharing SnapChat

The existence of photo-sharing apps is because of people’s demand. They feel that by engaging

in sharing photos, they get to know each other in a better way. In short, it can be aptly put that

such practice aids in connecting the people or the users. Snapchat do not allow users to post

comments, or to share, like, to send friend requests. Instead a variety of photos can be received

from different places across the world. On the contrary, apps like Instagram are restricted to the

circle of contacts of the user.

In contemporary times we use a camera fitted mobile phones to take pictures only to share them

in different social network sites. There app manufacturers are devising new ways to share heart

images in order to promote effective visual communication.

All image sharing applications use photos to communicate as well as to engage. This is primarily

because photos are one of the fundamental things required for communication. There are

applications that can be accessed by using Facebook credentials. Users after gaining access can

engage in sharing photos with friends, colleagues and families.

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