Smile-The App Of The Year Sanpchat:-

Snapchat is a video and photo messaging app that allows you to send even text messages. This

fast forward application has taken the world by a storm for both good and bad reasons. The birth

of this app is an interesting fact to know as it was developed by two Stanford University students

as a part of their final year project. They launched their project as “Picaboo” but later developed

the app in a more sophisticated application and then later renamed and relaunched it under the

name of Snapchat. They launched the product simultaneously for android application as well.

Using Of The Snapchat Application:-

Once you have downloaded the Snapchat application you have assured yourself of having a fun

filled experience. Once you have the app downloaded in your phone, then you need to create an

account for yourself. All you have to do is to enter you email address and your birthday. After

you have entered these you have to set a password for your account so that none except you are

allowed to have access of your account. After finishing up the formalities you need to have a

username created for yourself. Once when this is also finished then just update your contact list

and your ready to have unexpected fun in this fun filled app.
haha bored snap @supremebishhh

Sending Of A Snap In Snapchat:-

After you have clicked the picture or have selected the picture you want to send then set the time

limit for each snap. One of the unique features of Snapchat is the time set allotted for each snap.

The recipient will be allowed to view the snap for the allotted time only that is the ten seconds

time gap. Tap the stopwatch icon in the bottom left corner to set the time limit. And then comes

the unforgettable part that is adding of the caption. Tap at the center of the snap to enter a custom

caption for your snap. The recipient will be able to see the caption along with the photo or video

that you have sent them when they open the snap.

Draw On The Snap:-

If you want to add a personal touch to the image then you can always use the drawing tool. Tap

on the pencil on the upper right corner to open the drawing tools. You can make the use of your

finger to draw on the snap. And the slider on the left side of the screen allows you to fill colors to

your imagination. You cannot draw on the video snaps but you can always add caption to your


After you are done with all this creativity then comes the most awaited moment that is sending of

the snap. When you are satisfied with your snaps then it is time for you to send it to your friends.

Tap the arrow on the bottom right corner to select whom you want to send it to. Your Snapchat

contact list will open and you can send it to as many people as you like. Select the recipients and

then tap on the send button and send them.

Hopefully they’d like it.

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