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Evan Spiegel will be a very happy man in the upcoming times for the valuation for his invention

is sky rocketing by the day. Starting with nothing more than disappointments and doubts,

snapchat is now on the verge of assimilating $650 million in equity. This means that this app

will go on to sell at the market at about $16 billion in the near future. Spiegel himself has

confessed his upcoming plans to take the company public. If Spiegel manages to execute his

plans successfully then his company could rake in billions overnight.
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Making the right decision

All the hard work that the founders of this app has done over the last year is bearing fruition and

how! But all these could not have been possible for them if they had not made some crucial life-

changing decisions that raised quite a few eyebrows throughout the world. One of those

decisions was turning down the offer from Facebook, the present kind of all social apps. Many

were of the opinion that the owners of snapchat are barking mad for turning down such a

tempting acquisition offer from Facebook, but Spiegel had stood his ground at that time and

ferociously defended the future of his company which he believed would surpass that of

Facebook’s one day and today he can confidently say that the day is not far. In a press

conference, Spiegel confirmed the news that there are about a hundred million users active on

snapchat everyday. Even though that is nowhere close to the number of people who use

Facebook on a daily basis, reaching the 100 million mark in such a short span of time is still

pretty remarkable for an app which was predicted to go down in flames as soon as it was


Widening its domain

Another thing that the owners of snap chat are not afraid to do is invest into new ventures just to

seek maximum exposure among the public. Only a week ago rumors spread like wild fire that

snap chat is planning to enter the world of e-commerce by investing into a startup company

based on the concept of “swipe-to-shop”. Whenever a private company that is itself in a startup

phase decides to invest its resources in another startup company, it immediately sparks off

critical remarks about the amount of risk involved and how it could disastrously backfire.

However, snap chat is a company that has not been afraid to accept challenges head-on in the

past and has more often than not emerged victorious. The owners of this app are young and bold

with zeal to try new things without the fear of failure. It is this very aspect that has caused the

app to grow constantly and become force to be reckoned with in the market. Moreover, if they

are successful in their latest venture, they are sure to attract the attention of high end brands who

will want to pair up with the app in order to increase the online sale of their products.

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