slumped funny snap chat pics-Snapchat Confesses The Mistake Of Servers Getting Hacked

A lot of questions are arising about the security of the app and to the fear of all the allegations

are true. The people who are suing the Snap chat to share private photos have to think twice

before doing it. You might be the next target when you will see one of your shared photos at

some website. There are websites that leak the photos of Snapchat without anyone’s consent.

The photos of many celebrities are found in many websites. First it started with the photos of

celebrities and now it’s the teenagers who are being under the target. The app is used widely

among the teenagers and thus the target group facing problems of leaked photos are the


The photos getting leaked

Teenagers have found that many of their photos are shared publicly which they have shared with

the app. The presence of the photos itself is questioning. According to the terms of the app the

photos that would be shared by the app will be destroyed from the mobiles of the receiver. But

what is the use of deleting from the recipient’s mobile if that is available for viewing in public.Slumped Funny Snap Chat PicsSlumped Funny Snap Chat Pics

The question of safety

Thus debates are arising about the efficiency of the app. The main USP of the app was that the

photos will be shared. This is the reason why this app had gone hot favorite among many. The

cool and funny selfies are widely spread among all. All love to have those selfies and share it

among the friends. The Snapchat is considered as the medium through which the snaps were

sent fast. The best part was that after the share of laugh the photo will be automatically deleted.

Thus couples often shared intimate photos with Snap chat. But if the photos get leaked there

are questions on minds of many people whether to continue the use of the app. If the security

purpose is not served then there remains no special reason for using the app.

The debates that buzzed

At the beginning of the debate authorities of the company was not at all ready to accept the fact

that the photos are being leaked through the websites. Thus cane the advent of the third parties

who were responsible for the re-sharing of the personal photos. There were questions rising

about the people trust. It was believed that the parties among which the photos are being shared

are doing the work of breaking the trust. The receiver was thought to take a snapshot of the photo

within that short time and then was the reason behind mass sharing.

The real thing came in front when Snapchat itself claimed that is was a mistake at their part. The

site always claimed the photos are stored in the server of the company and that it was perfectly

safe. The company is now stating that the server is hacked by some insider of the company.

The people who have been handling the server of the company are thus being questioned. The

company is ready to take all the allegations and take the punishment offered by them by FTC.

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