SnapChat is the Epicenter of Smart Phone Development-sleep on the street

Companies all over the world are constantly running on their toes to come out with development

and up gradation in their smart phone, and Snapchat is one of the prime reasons for it.

Companies are facing stiff competition amongst themselves to deliver the best, and in addition,

something new to the customers. Every company now a day claims their smart phone to be the

best, but it is the user, and their choice, which ultimately gives the verdict. A lot of companies

are now working on their smart phones keeping this app in their epicenter.
Sleep On The StreetSleep On The Street

Basic Requirements of SnapChat App:

Like any other app, this app too requires basic features of a smart phone, which are a processor,

a graphics support and a camera. However, people often confuse that this app requires a high

resolution camera or else you cannot use the smart phone for this app. To clarify this rumor or

a myth, let me explain you what happens. Basically this app opens straight into your camera,

where you can click a picture. You can then add either a caption or a drawing, select a timer and

send it to your choice of recipient(s).

Now based on this information, all you need is a camera, and this app would work perfectly on

your smart phone. The only difference a good camera would make is on the quality of the picture

you send or share. The better camera will give a better picture to be sent and shared, but that in

no way means you cannot use a phone without a good quality camera, for this app.

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