sitting on the toilet-Snapchat Among The Top List With Ads And Investment

Did you know that Snapchat is worth $10 billion? Yes that a high amount right? Do you know

what is this all about snapping all over with this app Snap chat? This is a messaging application

that allows you to send photos, text or videos to each other. The difference is that one can only

see the video or the snap for a short duration of time. After that it will permanently expire. As the

receiver will start seeing the picture by holding it the timer will start to tick. After 10 seconds the

timer will end and will end the photo. Now the question comes why the worth is so high of the


The investors in Snapchat

This is because the company of Snapchat has been talking to investors in the last months.

This is because they wanted someone to invest on the app and earn some revenue. Last year

the valuation f the app was $2 billion. But the amount has raised and there is a great profit in

investing in the app. The investors want to attract the teenagers and the students of college who

are the potential users of Snap chat. The app thus become the reason of investments as through

the app the investors are trying o attract the young crowd.

Teenagers in Snapchat

Now the question that comes next to your mind is that why teenagers are the young groups

are the only targets. The investors are focusing on the teenagers as this group of people is very

difficult to track as these audiences are away from the other media platform of newspapers

and TV. They do not read magazines as such that the way and thus the way in which they can

be attracted is through web as that is the hub of all teenagers. And when this app has gone

such addictive among the teenagers the investors think no platform will be lucrative more than

Snapchat to attract the teenage group.Sitting On The ToiletSitting On The Toilet

Advertising is the source of revenue

Another source in which the Snap chat is gaining revenue is through the advertising. Many

well known brands are getting influenced by the fame of the app and wanting to promote their

services and products through this app. The ads are designed specifically to suit the app and are

designed to be effective and meaningful within the stipulated time. The ads that are there in the

app will be there for 24hours only. The ads even come with a time limit after which the ads will

disappear. The users have choice to see or ignore an ad. Thus there is a challenge in part of the

ad makers to create effective ads that will promote their brand in those 24 hours of its presence in


Comparing to other social networking sites

Snapchat is in the top list of the number of users with its unique feature of photo sharing. There

are 100 million active users a month of Snap chat. 50% of the total number of Snapchat users

the app are teenagers and thus is now in close competition with the social networking sites. The

app Whatsapp which started long ago has 600 million users. The popular social networking hub

Twitter has 271 million active users monthly.

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