silly-Snapchat Moves to Hollywood- Next Step Says the Experts

Snapchat is popular picture sharing app. The users can share photos videos and messages with

friends through this social networking app. The app has defeated almost all other social

networking sites and app through its usefulness and effective features. The objects those get

shared in this app are called the snaps. For sharing a snap the users need to select time for the

existence of the snap, it is for maintaining the disappearing feature of the app. After receiving the

snap, only the receiver can see the snap through the allotted seconds of time selected by the

sender. After that short period the app will destroy the snaps forever automatically, and the

receivers will not be able to store the snaps in the devices. This unique feature is the specialty of

this app, and people like this feature the most.

The next step of Snapchat

Snapchat is now moving towards Hollywood through various activities. The app is now getting

involved with various organizations and TV networks for that. The experts are saying that this is

the Next Step of this app. various reports are saying that this would be a biggest success for the

app. And it will get more popularity for that.

Me being silly

Use of Snapchat

Millions of people are busy with Snapchat. Mainly the teenagers are more interested in this app

in sharing snaps with the friends. Some users share their nude pictures and nude videos with the

friends. Sexy photos of girls have become a very common thing to the Snapchat users. There are

some users those share sexy hot selfies with the friends. And for those things the app has become

very popular among the users within a very short period. There is no age restriction for using this

app and also no restriction for the subject of snaps. And for that anybody can use this app to

share any pictures they want to share.

Popularity of the app

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social networking apps. In this year the number of

total Snapchat users is 27 million, which was 14 million in the previous year. More than 500

million snaps get shared everyday by the total users. This rate is quite astonishing. And for that

the app is able to defeat the other social networking apps. Mainly the teenagers are interested in

this app. A repost shows that the half of the total Snapchat users is the United States teenage

boys and girls whose ages are between 13 to 17 years. This is the popularity of this social

networking app. And the uniqueness of this app has made it more popular to the users.

The app has started many new features to upgrade the service for providing more facilities to the

users. The app is organizing many activities those are very much effective in gaining more

popularity. The features are also getting updated too. The New Step of Snapchat towards the

Hollywood is very much meaningful, and the experts think that this will be very much effective

for this app.

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