Silly teens snatch fake or not snapsave snaped snapit-Users’ Privacy Disclosed by Snapleak

Snapchat is a popular app which is used for photo messaging; the users can share pictures,

videos and messages in this app. Users can set a time for the duration of their snaps; the

recipient can see this object only for this selected times and after that selected times the

object disappears automatically from the app. In 2014 the app places its position among the

top apps and social sites of the planet. Millions of users are taking this app as a sharing

medium; they easily share pictures, videos and messages in Snapchat with their friends.

You can share your all the happy moments with your friends and those whom you like to. It

is also a strong medium for photo messaging.

Using of Snapchat

But many users are taking this app in a bad way. Some users are sharing their nudity in

Snapchat. In United States, many under aged boys and girls are sharing their intimate

moment pictures, they often shares their nudity through Snapchat. And these caused the

Snapchat leak. Teens are sharing their very private pictures with their friends or close ones’

but somehow the hackers succeeded in storing those pictures. Those hackers spread these

adult objects in the web for some money or for other purposes. For that Snapchat leak those

users’ nudity has been disclosed in front of everybody. They get shocked when they see their

own intimate moment pictures in some other site. Some reports say that even 10 to 12 year

boys and girls are sharing their controversial pictures and as a result they have been hacked

and disclosed to everybody.Silly Teens Snatch Fake Or Not Snapsave Snaped SnapitSilly Teens Snatch Fake Or Not Snapsave Snaped Snapit


At the beginning of this app there policy was to display the pictures only for few selected

seconds, after that selected seconds the pictures or videos will be disappeared automatically

from the app. But there is another way too, Snapchat user often use a process named

screenshot which allows the user to save the object he/ she want to save. And by using this

user can save any pictures he/ she want to. There are a lot of apps in the app store that allows

the users to save the pictures from Snapchat. Those apps are SnapBox, Snapkeep, Snapspy

etc. Those apps allow the users to take screenshot of Snapchat objects. Those apps integrate

with Snapchat app and the user can open all the unopened snaps, he also can save anything

from there.

Snapchat hack

Snapchat has been received many complaints from its users about the snap spam. Many user

complains that their privacy has been disclosed because their very private pictures what they

shared with their close friends in Snapchat are now in various site. Snapchat claims that their

server is hacked and for that the hackers are able to get all the private materials of the users,

now they are spreading those objects in various sites. But it is clear that the privacy system

of Snapchat is very week.

The users have to be more responsible about their sharing in this social app. And the parents

have to be more careful about their children. For more privacy use the app with


snap chat