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Slingshot – A similar app of Snapchat under Facebook’s guidance

Snap chat being one of the most popular apps among the young generation will have

competitors in the market. Seeing this popularity many big companies have shown their interest

to buy this app. Among them companies Facebook was also a part.

Snapchat is one of the fastest apps of the generation, and its limits of popularity are spreading

like virus among the young generation, and Facebook wanted to catch that young mass to

increase its range of popularity. But Snapchat has turned down the bid of 3million dollar made

by Facebook. This news has recently made headline globally, and the Facebook seeing this made

up a mind to launch a new app alike Snapchat and named it Slingshot.


Slingshot is a recent app that was developed by the Facebook alike Snap chat, after the deal of

3million dollars was turned down by snapchat. Unlike Snap chat the slingshot has certain dis-
advantages like:

• Slingshot is also a social media application which allows instant messaging, pictures and

videos to be sent to friends, but the interface is such that one side of the screen is blocked

were the receivers photos will be there in a rough pixel format.

• The main drawback of the app of slingshot according to studies is that the sender first

will have to send the photos of their own, to unlock the picture send by his friend.

Snapchat’s popularity

It is not possible to gain popularity over-night and Slingshot being one of the recent apps in the

market; it will definitely take time to get popular. But on the other hand Snapchat is one of the

similar apps, yet its popularity bars are skyrocketing. The features tally of Snapchat was also

uniquely designed to transfer pictures, messages and videos to the friends with a stipulated time

of maximum 10 seconds. This is only factor that has paved the path for such popularity, because

young generations are accustomed to the things which are fast.

But being a branch of social media giant the popularity Slingshot is not showing great signs up

till now, but with time it is sure that the app may gradually make the its way into the charts of


Usage of modern day apps

The general conception among people is that the apps today and especially the social media apps

are destroying the habits of young generation. But it is generally not right, because the apps are

generally launched to lower the work load of the people; but the apps are often miss-use by some

to popularize the app’s wrong conception.

To sum up

With one of the fastest features tally Snapchat has grasped the attention of all the social media

users. With such a popularity of company, many companies came to bid for being a part and

taking the ownership also. One such company is Facebook, which stretched out their hands to

make a deal with Snapchat, unfortunately Snap chat turned down the deal. In such a situation

Facebook developed a new similar and named it Slingshot.

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