sign up for snapchat app ans snapchat any and all photo-Ill effect of third party app of Snapchat

Advent of third party app indicates the popularity of Snap Chat

Several developers are trying to create latest apps which will be effective in regulating the

features of Snapchat and this is the proof that Snapchat has touched the highest level of

popularity. If you survey then you can search out that quite a large number of third party app

of Snap Chat are now available, but most of these apps are quite harmful for your personal

data. By installing this you are not only regulating the features of Snap Chat but also making

your personal data insecure. You will just become an innocent prey in the hand of the hackers

who can expose your personal images and videos online. And your image can be harmed

through the revealing of your personal life and activities.

Snapsaved is the accused app who operated the SnapChat leak

These apps are responsible for the SnapChat leaks that occurred in the last year, thousands

photos and videos of the Snap Chat users were leaked online and after various survey it was

revealed that a third party apps was solely responsible for the leakage. Snapsaved, this is the

app who was supposed to be responsible.

sign up for snapchat app ans snapchat any and all photo
sign up for snapchat app ans snapchat any and all photo

Save yourself from Ghostprefs

There is another app named as Ghostprefs that allows its users to enable or disable the

features of Snap Chat. The developers of snap chat restrict the user to replay the received

images. If you want to see the last received picture you can see this only one time and even

within 24 hours after receiving the image. But the Ghostprefs allows the users of Snapchat to

see the picture as many times as they want.

Developers are determined to eradicate these third party apps

The developers of the app have taken initiative to eradicate the entire stains that were

overlaid on their name by proclaiming that it was not the fault of the app, the users share the

details of login with other party. But they have also taken initiative to spread awareness

among the users on the use of these third party apps. These apps require the details of login

and by providing them the details the users are welcoming the dread of hacking their personal


The help of the users is much needed

If someone shares his login details then naturally it is not the fault of the developers, they

have taken all the initiative to secure the personal data of their users, but how will they cope

up if the users invite the danger himself then that the developers cannot be blamed. The users

must not install any third party app in their phone. The developers of the app has already

talked with the developers of windows, iOS and android phone on how to prevent these third

party app from hampering the users’ data. And a reliable source informed that they have

already started working over the project and within few time they can completely secure the

personal data of the users.

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