Shower Time – Snapchat has a new developed feature in their system

Photos are best expressive medium to share our emotion and sentiments. Snapchat has made it

even a tad easier to share our emotions. Unlike other social mediums, where you upload a photo

and tag it to your friends and they will see it when they are online, this application is something,

you can see your friend or someone else who you want to share your story with, and then send

him the picture. There is another great contrast and that is that here is an option for the users to

set the time limit and by doing this, the pictures are safe and you don’t run on the risk of being

exposed to the whole world.

Endorsement with the big media houses:

You should know more about this amazing application and its other important details. Do you

know how much useful this application is to its users? If the answer is in negative, then you

should know more about this. Snapchat is much more than being mere photo messaging app

which is better known as self destructive supplication. It has now introduced to its users the

amazing feature, called, Discovery. Have you heard the feature before? It is a newly introduced

feature. Here you can learn more about international news and see other mind blowing pictures

while you can also read the story of the pictures at the same time. Discovery is an initiative

taken by the members of snap chat that has endorsed with some big names in the media industry.

The names are like:


– National Geographic

– Vevo

– Channel V

These are the media houses have signed up the endorsement with snapchat. When you are

outside and getting bored, as well as you are looking for a way out to entertainment, then you can

go to the application and move to the feature, Discovery. And then you can see and select a

picture. To see the next swipe left and to read the related news or the story you can swipe down

and the message will appear automatically. In this case, Snap chat has maintained its ephemeral

nature as well. You cannot read the same story after a certain period of time. The news along

with its photos will disappear and no longer will you have access to them.

To end with a note:

The officials of the team has claimed that this feature and this enterprise taken by the company

will soon take snapchat to its level where it should be. It is undoubtedly an application of

amazement and fun. Those worried parents who are having questions on mind regarding the

affect on the kids’ behavior, let us be clear in the point, that a kid will be benefitted as the

application is not only a platform to share photos and have fun with friends in innovative ways,

rather they can gain knowledge at the same time. When knowledge is knocking at their doorstep

with a packet of funs, how can they refuse it? Be worriless and be happy with snapchatting.

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