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Snapchat Talks with CNN and Comedy Central

Through snapchat app you can share pictures, videos, messages with your friends. it is a strong

social networking app. The app is being more popular day by day. The total snapchat users of the

present year are 27 million, which was 14 million in the previous year. The objects shared in this

app are called snaps. You can select an existing time for your snaps; you have to choose from 1

to 10 seconds. The receiver of the snap will be able to view this snap for this selected time. After

this selected period the snap will be disappeared automatically from the device.

Popularity of Snapchat

Snapchat app is now very useful among the teenagers, but there are exceptions too. A lot of

people are engage in snapchat now. The users share their emotions through this photo messaging

app. The Snapchat authority is trying to utilize this increasing popularity of the app. In a report

the Wall Street Journal says that the snapchat authority is going for using their app for

advertisement and news purpose, along with photo messaging. The Journal again says that

snapchat is going for starting a service called Snapchat Discovery, but the name is not clear at

this time. There will be many magazines, TV networks, newspapers, in Snapchat Discovery, and

the users can view all the ads and contents in this service. The users of snapchat app are

increasing very fast, last year the total snapchat users were 14 million but this year it has

increased into 27 million. The users share 500 million snaps a day, one user checks his account

14 times per day. The ages of those users snapchat are between 13 to 17 years. So, here it is clear

that snapchat is very popular among the youngsters and it is increasing its popularity day by day.

Snapchat talks with many companies

Snapchat appeals Snapchat Discovery more to the advertiser. The most users are teenager, so, the

teenage brands are more interested for promoting their products in Snapchat Discovery. The

main aim of those brands is to reach to the teenage users, as much as possible. They think the

new service is a very strong medium. Snapchat talks with many companies too, for service, those

are like, CNN, Comedy Central, Vevo, Hearts (Cosmo. Mag.), ESPN, the Daily Mail, BuzzFeed,

National Geographic, etc. Snapchat denies making any comment about it, the other companies

also refused for making comments about the conversation with the snapchat authority. The

Snapchat authority is seeking companies those are interested for advertising in Snapchat


Popularity among the teens

The snapchat becomes more popular day by day. And for that increasing popularity the authority

has decided to launch more new services, they want to utilize the popularity of the app. The

United States teenagers are very much involved in the snapchat app, a report says that the half of

the total users are the teens between 13 to 17 years.

By those new services the user will be helpful by getting news and advertises, they can get that

by an easy holding of their finger. This is indeed a great opportunity for the users.

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