Show anyone I’ll kill you. – Stopping the sending of vulgar content through Snapchat

The misuse of technology in today’s world

In today’s world, almost everywhere, we see the misuse of technology and we come across many instances
where the technological advancements or the new products of technology are misused for wrong purposes. It
is increasing day by day. The use of the revolutionary Photo sharing app, Snapchat is also not excluded from such notorious people who use the technology and its benefits for a wrong purpose and do illegal activities with those. Starting with the notorious people, Snapchat being a premier photo sharing app, which also gives the advantage of video chatting and sending of photos and videos to friends on the social networking media have been mostly used for sending explicit and vulgar snaps to people on the web. Many people keep on posting and sending such photos for increasing the number of views and gaining some popularity. This is anyways not right and the manufacturers along with the CEO, Evan Spiegel have decided to put a check on these activities.

The steps taken by Snapchat against the strippers sending nude photos through the app

Snapchat have finally declared war and is taking all actions to stop the selling of nude photos by the strippers and other porn stars through the app. They are really notorious and the app serves as a very easy method of selling the nude photos where the payments can be transferred outside the app which will not violate the laws of the application Snapchat. So, they have done some serious investigation on those hawkers selling the photos and have decided to stop the notorious activity completely. Now, some 30 such accounts were targeted which does sell such nude photographs of the strippers, porn stars and other such people. A rapid action was taken on them and twenty eight of those accounts were closed down within a week and they were also blocked by the company. So, it was an awesome measure against the people doing the wrong practices and it was also a good example to show the measures taken by the company to make the process of photo sharing a better and much cleaner one.

There was also news in the headlines which said that a newspaper journalist once gave money to a guy to release naked pictures on the app Snapchat. So, that also depicts that the app is really being misused from all sides and needs some strict measures to be free from the vulgar stuff that are put up on the social media. Apart from these, there are also news of the strippers and porn stars giving a taste or a sample of their photos to the other users and thus giving them the information about their web site such that they get interested and visit them for buying the photos and other related stuff. So, Snapchat is also used for promoting the porn stars and strippers or making them popular as there are a huge number of users of the application and they can be simply reached with the app.

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