Everyone in the present world knows more about Snapchat Shoutout. This is due to its daily usage by

millions of people across the world to share destructive multi media messages. This is a most

happening mobile app with youngsters. However, it has very good and bad side according to

how a user sends the videos to his or her circle in social media or a group of friends locally.

Recently the Indian auto industries of national and international manufactures do face serious

troubles with Snapchat app. Nevertheless, of the controversy, the users of the Snapchat do

indirectly advertising those Automakers.
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E-commerce and use of Snapchat with Car Manufactures

The Snapchat use is also popular in advertising with social media. The way Snapchat earn

revenue by such pre publicity campaign is in billion dollars yearly. Usually a pre launch is

popularizing with use of Snapchat. However, Snapchat is global; it was becoming popular

among car crazy people to use it as instant update and new launch of car manufacturers. This

was the concept to use in online car stores too. The use of Snapchat was successful for such

sales promotion with auto industries globally. This was also a very low cost advertising to grab

millions of masses attraction across the globe for car exporters, or car brand having its presence


Controversy with Indian Car Manufacturers and use of Snapchat

Recently many of the Indian car manufactures faced a hit back with their new cars of export

quality, which was not launch in the international market. The Indian car manufacturer do test

ride the export quality car within the Indian roads. However, they are capture in the cameras of

car crazy people. This is due to the works of car website owners too. Usually such teaser photos

and videos were popular in the various car website in India. Now a day a teaser comes in online

of this Indian car website or not, this is popular with the use of Snapchat app. The car crazy

people are there to do it instantly of such teaser car image or video on the spot to its group,

which spread out of India too. Since, most of the export quality cars are for the African

countries and Sri Lanka. These countries do get an image of these cars, which are yet to launch

in their countries.

No laws yet to Curb Social Media Indirect Advertising

With Snapchat, users and the way it promotes various car manufactures indirectly are a

welcoming some way. However, when comes to privacy and disclaimer, there is no such laws to

Snapchat users who got the pictures and videos of new car which is not yet launch. The teaser

video and photos are of destructive nature and there is no evidence to prove it real.

Nevertheless, the car manufacture gets a name or publicity of their new car without spending

money for advertising. The Snapchat users do it indirectly of such promotion or advertising of

such new cars.

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