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Snapchat’s First Ade Workout- a Successful One

Snapchat is among the most popular app in this planet. It is a photo messaging application that

allows its users to share pictures, videos and messages. The objects those shared in the snapchat

app are called snaps. The users have to select a time between 1 to 10 seconds for the duration of

his/ her snaps. Then the user can share the snap with his/ her friends. The receiver will be

allowed to watch the snap for only this selected few seconds, after this period the snap will be

disappeared automatically from the app. The snapchat authority tries to utilize the popularity of

the app, they launches a new service which allows sharing advertisements through the app.

Snapchat authority wants to utilize its popularity

Snapchat app is very popular among the teenage users, but there are exceptions too. There are

millions of teenage boys and girls who are engage in snapchat. Snapchat is going to use their

app for advertisement also. There are many companies who are interested in advertising in the

snapchat; those companies try to reach to the teenage snapchat users as much as possible.

Snapchat is appealing its new service more to the advertiser. The most of the users are teenage

boys and girls, so, the teenage brands are interested more to promote in this service. Those

brands think the new service a strong medium for advertisement. Snapchat is communicating

with many companies for dealing with them, like the Daily Mail, ESPN, National Geographic,

Vevo, Hearts (Cosmo. Mag.), BuzzFeed etc. Snapchat authority does not make any comment

about their communication with the other companies, some other companies also refuses to make

any comment about the conversation with the authority of snapchat app. Snapchat is seeking for

more companies those are interested in producing advertises in their app.

It’s a very popular app

Many teenage users use this photo messaging app in wrong way, those users often share their

love pictures, nude pictures, or intimate videos with their friends through the app. They denies

the purpose of Snapchat, it was created for sharing emotions, messages and also for the

entertainment purpose. Various reports say that the teens of United States, their ages between 13

to 17 years, are engage in the snapchat app more to share explicit objects. The hackers get

insisted from those explicit pictures, they try and succeeded in hacking those adult objects from

the app. There are many third party app too in the market, those allow its users to take

screenshots from the app; so, any user can take screenshots of any pictures they want. And those

incidents cause the snapchat leak.

The users should use the snapchat app with more responsibility. They should not share their

explicit pictures in this social networking app. And the users have to know properly before

choosing a friend. The new app will get a good market in the medium of advertisement. Many

brands are interested to promote their products in this app. The app is very popular and almost

every teenage of the united states are using this app; so, this new service will get a lot of success

as the snapchat authority claims.

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