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Get started with snapchat

Do you want to use this app and stay updated just like your friends? If you think that the whole

process of getting started with snapchat is complex, then you are absolutely wrong as it can be

done easily in the following steps:

• Sign up after downloading the app

The best thing about this new obsession of the teens is that this app is absolutely free.

You can download this app on your android or iOS devices. Once you have downloaded

it, you have to login with a beginner’s account. The signing up process is simple; all you

need to do is just insert your birthday, password and email address. Your birthday will

determine whether you are 13 years old or more. If you are less than 13 years old then

you do not have to be disappointed as you can use Snapkidz designed for kids where they

are allowed to snap, caption and finally draw local to their device.

• Transfer contacts

A new vista of fun open s for you once you get started with the new account but the fun

remains incomplete without the active participation of your friends. Once you allow the

app to search your friends through the contact list of your cell phone, you will soon be

able to discover with whom you can snap and share.
Shhhhit Just Got Real My DogShhhhit Just Got Real My Dog

• Snapping

You can be an active snapper after adjusting the settings of your account. Snapchat will

automatically activate the camera of your cell phone. You do not have to turn on the

flash through the settings of your cell phone as you can do it directly from the Snapchat

window. You can add an extraordinary caption to the photo and doodle your snap with

different color and pencil tools. You can also explore the all new filters of the app for

enhancing the quality of your snap.

• Send it to your friends

You can send the snap to any number of users but before that you have to set the time

after which your snap will be auto-deleted in their phone. But if your friends are fast

enough they can take a quick snapshot and the next day you may find your snap featured

on Snapchat leaked.

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