Shelley simms-Snapchat provides the privilege to transfer cash to friends

Now, with all the social media apps entitling themselves as a business medium like, Google

wallet and Venmo. Snapchat too is following the same footsteps, and being one of the fastest

app of the generation it can be easily be ascertained that the app will also transfer the money as

quickly as it does the messages, pictures and videos. But time will only give the answer to the

relevance of the feature among its users.

Snap chat has always been one app which has been constantly upgrading itself for the sake of

the people. Like making the snapchat pictures, videos and messages transfer and then vanish

within a stipulated time of maximum 10 seconds. Apps belongings or the features are constantly

upgrading to provide better facilities to the people. This time the app has incorporated a new

feature to the tally of the app and named it Snapcash which provides the user privilege to transfer

money to the friends instantly.

Cash transfer with snapchat

The snap chat has recently been one of the most popular apps among the teenagers of the world.

Now this app has upgraded itself with a new feature of snapcash that provides an easy payment

option to friends. This feature of the app was possible after signing a deal with Square Cash. This

feature is now only with google android app store only, but the company has plans to launch its

ios version too.Sexy wife

Benefits of the Snapcash

The app has many features, but of it the best and the user friendly are one of the most popular

among the users. In case of the snapchat too the same thing goes right, so now it has made up

its mind to incorporate one of the best relevant features of transferring money with the Snapcash

feature of the app. The benefits of this feature are:

• With the adding of debit card, and typing dollar in the text-chat of app, the app will allow

you to send money instantly to friend after pressing the green button.

• Following the rules of the company, the feature allows commercial payments as well

using the trademarks.

• All the account related details are worked upon by the Square cash.

• The option is mainly made to lessen the work of the people, who don’t get enough time to

spend after the office tenure.

All the Visa or Mastercard holders belong to the age group of 18 or above and so the question of

miss-use of this feature of the app may somewhat be protected.

To sum up

Companies from all over the globe are attracted towards Snapchat because of the app’s huge

popularity among the present generation. So, the media giants are ready to pay a huge amount to

be a part of this popularity. But the company has now joined hands with Square Cash to transfer

money immediately.

Snap chat’s money transfer feature apart from transferring the photos, videos and messages is an

attraction to the big commercial company’s who can use this feature to transfer money with their

authentic trademarks also.

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