she just could wait-The App Snapchat and its Misuse

The present age is the age of social networking mediums. Snapchat is one of the most popular

social networking apps. The app is very much popular from the very first time of its origin.

Even today the app is increasing its popularity. The app is mainly a picture sharing app. The

users can share their pictures with the friends, through the app. Along with the pictures the

videos and messages can be shared by this app. The objects those get shared in this app, bar

called the snaps. One can share pictures, videos and messages as the snaps. But for sharing the

snap the users need to select a time. This time could be from 1 to 10 seconds. After receiving the

snap, the receiver will be allowed to watch the snap for this short time only. After this time the

snap will be disappeared automatically. The users can’t store those snaps in their device.

Misuse of Snapchat

The app is a very popular picture messaging app. But the users are taking this app for bad

purpose. Many users share explicit objects in this app. Some share nude selfies of themselves.

Some also share intimate Snapchat videos. Many users share adult pictures, love pictures and

many dirty pictures with the friends. And for that the app has become a huge platform of sexting.

There is no restriction for the subject of the snaps. And for that the users can share anything with

the friends. And for that most of the people share explicit objects in this app. But this is not the

purpose of the app. The app was created for a creative purpose. People can share emotion

through pictures and videos. But some users are taking this app for a bad purpose.
She Just Could WaitShe Just Could Wait

Bad effect of sharing explicit objects in this app

There are lots of bad effects in sharing explicit objects in this app. It affects the society. The

lifestyle of the people also gets hampered. We have seen many cases of sexting in the school,

through Snapchat. And for that the future of those students gets spoiled totally. Most of the

Snapchat users are school going boys and girls. And the sexting in this app has a strong effect on

those minors. They can’t concentrate on their study. And for that the parents and the teachers are

very much worry about the future and career of the teenage boys and girls.

A recent report has shown that the half of the total Snapchat users is the United States teens of

13 to 17 years. This report is quite astonishing. The teenagers are the main users of this app. And

as the app has become a wide platform of sexting, it is very harmful for those teenage boys and

girls. So, the users need to use this app responsibly. One should not share explicit pictures and

videos in this app. The users should remember that it is a social networking app. The parents

should aware about the Snapchat activities of their children.

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