she is hung like a donkey-Is Investment in SnapChat a brilliant idea or not?

It is a very old saying that says, ‘all that glitters is not gold’. Something similar, but not exactly similar, the world got to see, when we saw that one of the application, that was criticized and faced allegation by almost all the top notch of the tech world, has made it big. A lot of big giants even claimed, that this app will not survive long in the tech and application world. Rather, on contrary to that, a lot of new applications were launched and were claimed to be the gold of the application world. However, those entire apps either vanished or didn’t do quite well to exist, but the underrated app made it quite big. That underrated application was no other app than the favorite of all, ‘snapchat’. Snapchat’ success streak: Snapchat app is amongst the top few applications in the world that are not only favorite and used widely, but is continuously coming out with new ideas and implementing them quite efficiently. Experts in the industry believe that the company is paying lot of attention towards people’s requirement and needs. Thus, before people could think or need a particular feature, Snapchat app launches it and incorporates those features in the application. This is also one of the prime reason that the users of Snapchat are growing vigorously, and those who use it, are never bored of this application. It refreshing ability and bringing new features on boards, always works in its favor.She Is Hung Like A DonkeyShe Is Hung Like A Donkey Story about Investment in Snapchat: This app was termed one of the most favorite pictures app, and is also considered one of the most used application. Reportedly, Snapchat picture app is one of the most downloaded applications in both, IOS and Android driven smartphones. But the tech world was taken by surprise when this application grew bigger in fame and stakes. The company is worth billions of United States Dollars, and recently reports of giants like Yahoo investing in Snapchat app flourished in all forms of media, giving rise to a question that should we too invest in this company? Facts about Yahoo Investing in Snapchat: Yahoo has been set quite behind by Giants like Google and Facebook. Thus, It is quite important for a big technology giant like Yahoo, to come back and carry on with its profit streak, so that the others and competitors cannot outrank it from the technology arena. Recently, Yahoo made investment in and earned quite a good profit. Similarly, it is trying to invest in Snapchat picture app, which is one of the fastest growing and most used pictures messaging app. If reports are to be believed, Yahoo is all set to invest approximately 10 billion United States Dollars in Snapchat app. However, few reports say that this amount is 20 billion. There have been no confirmations from any camp yet. However, with this fact known, one thing is confirmed, if Yahoo can see profit in Snapchat, then of course investing in snapchat picture app is definitely a brilliant idea. It surely will fetch investors’ high returns.

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